Spubble Tutorial: Need to Make a Change


I used 3D Paint to create this spubble.

First chose your picture under browse files.

Once you have your picture chose 2 D shapes and pick the block that looks like a spubble. Now click that spubble and then use your cursor to chose where you want the spubble to be placed.

Now place your spubble. Here to the right you can change color and size of the outline of the spubble.

In this step you add your text, here you can chose your font, color, and size of the text.

Click within the spubble box to create a text box, here you can adjust the size of the box by usuingyour cursor to drag and expand the box to the size of the spubble.

Add your text to the spubble.

Then I uploaded my image to Canva, which I set Elle in a cage as the background and also uploaded a picture of Elle running.

I then chose to remove the background on the photo, and resize her to very small to fit within the spubble.

I made her smaller by clicking on her and dragging the picture to a smaller frame.

Then I chose the text icon to the right to add a text block to the top of the picture.

I then selected her picture again and made it a little smaller and dragged and dropped it into the spubble.

I then hit the down arrow button to download my image and save it to my computer and then uploaded it to flicker to embed it in my blog. After may tries with color and font to be able to see the font clearer.

Final Product:

Professional Runner_ (1)

We’re The Real Life Nut House! 3 STARS

Here we are in all our GLORY! The NUT HOUSE. My family consists of two girls, two dogs, my husband, me, and a squirrel named Nutty that only comes to visit occasionally. These are my people, the people that I am responsible for keeping alive. They are what I work so hard for and why I wake up in the morning, These are the people that I spend every waking moment with especially since COVID and I love them, that is why I chose them and the dogs to be in my collage. Nutty the squirrel you will see in another post.

46hfvc (1)

I created this college by using a Brady Bunch template which can be found at imgflip.com.

I then uploaded all my photos to the template trying to fit them to correct size.

I did do a little editing of the photos in paint to make them fit correctly.

Once that was compete I went ahead and saved the collage to my hard drive and then uploaded it to Flickr.

I then took the image and embedded it into my blog. Hope you all enjoy my nutty family!

I Know Everything Spubble…2 STARS

This assignment was a joy! I love involving my kids in my work. This is a girl on a mission and no one will stand in her way. She is on her way to work and expects everyone do do their job. She is bossy and knows how to throw a temper tantrum when things do not go as planned. So watch out world she is coming to get you.

I know everything

For this post I used paint to create the spubble, the two websites that were provided no longer worked.

This is my daughter right before I was going to take her to school. She was showing her normal attitude while we wait for my oldest to be picked up on the bus. I used this picture because it shows Elle’s attitude and personality so well. She is a spitfire and I love this photo of her.

I moved the picture to paint and edited the picture with the spubble. I chose the icon that looked like a spubble and added text into the spubble.

I the saved the photo in paint. I then uploaded the picture to Flickr.

I then copied and pasted the photo from Flickr and embedded into my post.

Work Am GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Here is a GIF of a little girl throwing a tantrum. She is very unhappy with the people around her.

Here I copied the GIF by using CTRL C and then CTRL V and embedded the GIF into the post.

Bucket List… 2 STARS

Here is my bucket list. I chose this assignment because it was a way to escape the current situation and plan for the future. I have had a few of these on my list for awhile and a few I had to think about. I have always wanted to visit Alaska and see the Northern Lights. I have also always wanted to see the green hillsides of Ireland. That is were my Grandmother was from and I would love to see where my ancestors came from. The other two bucket list items I had to think about. I would love to do a road trip once the kids are a little older. Right now they fight a lot and a car ride with that is far from enjoyable. Lastly, the helicopter. I would love to do this, scared to death but would love to experience it. My first plane ride my boyfriend at the time who is now my husband jumped out of and we had to beat them to the ground. It was a memorable experience and my ears hurt thinking about it. I would love to experience this with him, except the part about him jumping out. So, these are the things that I would love to starch off my list sometime in the future once the world returns to somewhat of a new normal.

pjimage (1)

This post I used a website called Photo Joiner which can be found at photojoiner.net

I went online and found pictures that represent the photos that I would like to do before I die. I copied these photos into the paint application on my computer and saved them to my photo drive.

I then uploaded my photos in to the application to create the collage. I then dropped and dragged the photos in the correct block.

I then added the text by clicking the text icon and creating a text box and adding the text to the pictures.

I then uploaded the collage to Flickr and the embedded the post into my blog.

What’s In My Purse?… 2 STARS

What’s in my purse? Well as you can tell I am a mom. I chose this assignment because it was time to clean out my purse. Currently my purse has been a lot lighter since COVID-19. In my purse I always carry snacks for my little’s. No one like a hungry child especially me. I have my keys as you can see we have Tesla which makes the most ridiculous key on the planet. I carry an enormous wallet that contains a large array of credit cards, store cards, and miscellaneous stuff that I should get rid of. I also have a single lip gloss that my children have not hijacked yet. I carry my glasses for that one moment I can’t see anything, and lastly my trusty face mask.

Whats in my purse

I created this photo with my phone camera after I dumped my purse out and nicely placed the items on my bed. I then emailed the photo to myself and then downloaded it to Flickr and then embedded it into my post.

Love for your pet … 3 STARS

Here are our animals. They are part of our family. I decided to do this assignment to show how adorable our dogs and squirrel are. There is Kaya, the Belgian Malinois, part dog/ ninja, Nala, the pitbull, and Nutty the squirrel.


Here I used a website called PhotoJoiner found at photojoiner.net to create this collage.

Here I uploaded my pictures of my dogs and squirrel to the website.

I then dragged and dropped them into place. The app allowed you to edit and move the photo within the block to center the photo, no editing needed!

Then I moved my collage to Flicker and embedded it into my blog.