911 Call…Hide under the TOILET PAPER!!…2 STARS

I chose this assignment because I wanted to have a little fun. Even though COVID is not a joking matter. It has been a long week and to create something that gave me a little chuckle is something that I needed. Meet my character, Sarah. She is funny and very concerned about what has just transpired with the virus that is fast approaching. She wants to do everything she can to save her mother from death and keep her safe away from the virus.


To create this assignment, I found it easier to record straight from my computer to Audacity. I googled for the emergency alert system noise. I then hit record on Audacity and then play on YouTube and let the sounds record into Audacity.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-6-1024x623.png

Here you can see the first track of the emergency brocast in audicity. I then needed to create another sound to layer on top of the emergency brocast sound, here I chose to add new stero track and created a new block in the audicity applicaiton.

I chose to add a new stereo track and created a new block in the audacity application. To create an overlay of a new sound.

I then pulled up Freesound and played a track into Audacity application of emergency vehicles into the second track. So to do this I hit record on audacity and then play on the freesound track to capture the sound. Once the sound was complete I hit the Stop button seen in BLACK with a square to stop the audio from recording.

The next step I needed to add one more track to my audio recording of myself, as Sarah my character leaving a message for her mother. I selected to add a new stereo track.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-8-1024x689.png

The last track is me with my headset attached to my computer recording the message, I hit record and started to record. Once finished with the recording I hit the stop button. I then made sure that all tracks were open to listen to and proceeded to listen to my creation.

In this step, I needed to save my work to my computer to make it available to upload to SoundCloud. I chose export and save as WAV.

Here is how I saved my work as 911.

This step I pulled up SoundCloud and began the process of uploading my work into their website.

After choosing upload and choosing 911 from my files, I gave my audio file a title and saved it into the SoundCloud site.

In order to embed your SoundCloud audio into your blog, you must copy the link that SoundCloud provides on their page and then copy and paste it into your blog to embed.

2 Replies to “911 Call…Hide under the TOILET PAPER!!…2 STARS”

  1. Hi! I enjoyed reading your story before listening to the sound. It defiantly gave it back story so I knew what the sounds were going to be about. My only advice would be to use more emergency sounds. It sounded like it was only one, however that may have been intended. Overall, the sound really captured the story!

    1. Hi Whitney! I had 2 sounds the vehicles and then the emergency broadcast and then my voice. I appreciate your feedback and this is a huge learning process for me. Thank you!

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