Are we there yet? It’s winter here but is it really?…. 3 STARS

Here are my daughter and her best friend. They are toy soldiers from a Christmas play on a tropical beach, soaking up the sun. After the past few months that everyone has had who wouldn’t want a vacation on a tropical island to escape the mess. So here they are together, safe and having a great time together having the adventure that we all wish we could be on,

Tropical final

This assignment I used Canva at to create this picture.

The first thing that I did to create this photo was to find a picture of a beach.

After I found the picture I saved it to paint, then I retrieved the picture of the girls and uploaded it into Canva.

In Canva I chose to set the background on a poster to the beach scene, then I dragged the photo of the girls that also included an enormous Christmas tree to the photo. Canva made this so easy, I chose the remove background function on Canva and it took away the tree and all of the background.

Now with just the girls left I placed them in the picture by dragging and dropping them in.

I then decided to change the color scheme in the picture and played with different themes until I found the one I liked.

I then saved the picture and uploaded it to Flickr and then embedded it into my blog.

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