Contradiction Creation…. This isn’t FUN.. 2.5 STARS

Here are my little loves. I chose this assignment because it looked like fun and who doesn’t love to include their cute kids at the same time. Here they are having a blast bouncing in their bouncy house. I enjoyed the contradiction of this photo because this is one of their favorite things to do.

Bouncy Kids

I created this photo using my new subscription to Canva premium found at

I uploaded my photo to Canva and chose the option of poster.

I then used the option to have the picture be used as my background under edit you can find this option.

I then chose the Text icon and chose add header and moved the text box on the photo to center the text.

I then chose my font and color and added my text.

I then saved my picture to my hard drive, uploaded it to Flickr and then embedded it into my blog post.

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