I did this on to see if I could make them fly and they were excited that I could do it. So here is a moving Movie Poster. They had a great time laying on a hot deck while I took photos of them, and believe me this was a process. We had a great time doing this though.

In this part of the story, Rose has saved her sister and they are flying past the sunset, happy that they are back together again.

I created this GIF/ Movie Poster with Canva. I first took the pictures of the kids on the deck laying down with arms out. I dragged and dropped the photos on the poster and used the background remover on the top left to remove the background on the photos.

Then I dragged and dropped the girls where I wanted them on the poster.

Now to add the background. I had taken a lot of photos for the photo blitz so I used one that I already had, I dragged and dropped the photo on the poster. Then chose to add as background.

Then I chose to animate them by choosing animate, you have many options to chose from, I chose pan.

Now add your text… By choosing the box labeled T to the center-left side. Add a heading- I added 3. You have the option to chose your font and color on the top middle of the webpage.

Final product:

Choose the arrow near the top right corner to download your file, and download it as a GIF and save it to your computer, and then embed it into your blog.


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