LAVENDER ROW… A Story…Rose a Superhero saving her sister but her sister Princess Lavender decides she needs to save herself.


A story of the bond of sisters; nothing will stop them from taking care of one another, no matter what. This is a story of a big sister saving her little sister Lavender from the hands of an evil clown and his vicious unicorn. Lavender has always been by her big sister’s side, as Lavender is a princess, and her sister Rose has been given superpowers to fight evil. Lavender was on her castle grounds when she found a sweet unicorn while on a walk that she took in and cared for, but what she didn’t know was the unicorn was evil and the accomplice of the kingdoms evil clown that lives in the forest. The unicorn coaxes Lavender into her cage and locks the door, and the evil clown appears and kidnaps Lavender from the castle, but what he doesn’t know is that her sister is a powerful superhero and will not stop until she has her sister safe at home. Rose searches for her sister and finds her, but will she be able to rescue Lavender and bring down the clown and unicorn and put them behind bars where they belong?

A song of what a sister means and how one will go to no end to be there for one another.

Rose has saved her sister and all is good in the world, but is it?

Lavender’s sweet and not so sweet unicorn. Can she escape it?

Lavender starts to contemplate that she needs to start to make some changes in her life and has decided that becoming something other than just a princess is in order, her sister has superpowers, why not her? She wants to be a professional runner to outrun the bad guys and protect herself from evil.

Professional Runner_ (1)

Lavender has figured out she does have a superpower for running and uses it to her fullest ability. She discovers that she isn’t powerless but can protect herself with her newfound ability to fight and outrun the villains in the woods.

Lavender has used her abilities to trick her captors and they are now where they should be, behind bars. Now Lavender can use her running ability to do much more than just be a princess.

Lavender has them where they belong!

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