Mashups… 4 STARS

I did this assignment because it looked like I would enjoy creating a group of peaceful songs. These days having a bit of peace is not easy with taking 15 credits this summer and having two kids at home. I enjoyed this assignment; I hope you enjoy it.

This assignment was created by using Audicity and SoundCloud. I first looked up songs that were free to use and did not contain required rights.

I ran those songs through the record option on Audicity.

I saved each individual song and then began to mash them up. Once I had deleted the blank sound and added and mashed the songs together by deleting the space in between them. I copied and pasted each song into the audio block to create one very long song.

I then imported the completed song to my computer, uploaded it to SoundCloud, added my sunset picture, and then copied the link and embedded it into my blog.

4 Replies to “Mashups… 4 STARS”

  1. Hey Melissa, great job on this mashup! I really enjoy all of the music you added into this, and I definitely will be listening to this when finals come around. Good luck with the rest of your summer classes!

    1. Thanks Maryanne! This is a learning experience. Any tips you have for me to do this better would be greatly appreciated. Your page is awesome and I have really enjoyed seeing and listening to your creations!

  2. Hi!! This was a really great mashup, especially for the length. Sometimes when tracks are long they feel like they drone on but this had smooth transitions and the different tracks weren’t totally different from each other so they flowed very well together! Good job and good luck on your other classes!

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