Mom Life 60 Seconds… 4 STARS

I chose this assignment to capture parts of my normal day with my girls. This has been a summer of reflection and sitting back and watching my girls this summer has been my top priority. I have been very busy trying to do it all and I look forward to the 31st when I can take a much need break. So here is the story of my day. I hope you like it.


I used windows video editor to create this movie. I first made several videos of my kids, dog, morning routine, and drive. I then chose the add button shown in the left-hand right corner by the + sign to upload my videos into the system. The system creates blocks as you can see them in blue, this program was very easy to use. You choose the video that you want and drag and drop it into one of the blue blocks.

The next step was to create the title pages and the pages with the names in the blocks, here you choose, which is visible in the previous screen shot , add title card and place that block where you want it to appear in the movie. Once that has been placed, choose to add text to the block, here you can choose an animated test style, I choose JOY and typed int the text block what I wanted to appear in the movie.

Here you can see that I have added my video clips to the blocks by dragging and dropping them to create my movie.

At the end of the movie I created the credits page, I used the process that I used at the beginning, I chose to add title card at the bottom of the screen to the left and added the block, I then chose JOY again and added the credits and final page to the movie.

This step I saved my work, the right top of the screen there is a tab that say save my work. I chose that tab and chose to then export my video to my laptop.

Once uploaded to my laptop I needed to upload my movie to YouTube, here I dragged and dropped my file into YouTube.

I then saved my video in YouTube, and uploaded the video to my blog.

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    1. Thanks Maryanne! I’m learning and need to add another screenshot about speeding up the video to get it at exactly a minute. I finally figured out how to do the screenshots and create the tutorial correctly. I look forward to seeing your videos this week. 🙂

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