Photo Reflection

This was a fun experience. I decided to take photos on our property inside and outside the house, taking pictures with my girls. I chose to take pictures of them too. I wanted this place because we are currently trying to stay home as much as possible, and having the kids make discoveries in our yard is fun. I used the technique to take a different perspective by laying on the ground and taking a picture of a small strawberry. I also used this technique by looking up into a tree in my yard. My kids are my joy, the Tesla and the gas can DO NOT go together, and the little dragon is ready to take flight. I enjoyed working with shadows on my front porch, which also created patterns, along with the railing of my deck and the inside of the front of the Tesla trunk, you can see a honeycomb pattern. The Tesla is a car of the future. The deck is dominated by a single color gray and the photo of the sky is showing the sun breaking through the clouds which is captured beautifully. The shadows on the ground are those of my girls along with the little feet of my 7-year-old. This was such a fun experience. I started the safari at 12:05 pm and finished at 12:20 pm.

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