Reflection of DS106… A Learning Experience

This class has been one of the most rewarding experiences that I will cherish. This was not just a class but something that created nightmares, incredible amounts of stress, but also an enormous amount of joy. I learned things that made me cry and scream, dammit Audacity. That is a program that I will eventually love but still hate. I have learned techniques that have made me figure out at 40 years old what I want to do for a living. This was such a great experience and have learned more in the past five weeks about photography, audio, video, and making a website than I have ever imagined. I learned that programs existed such as Flickr, and Soundcloud, also how to use Twitter, which was new for me. This final project was the most enjoyable part, now that I have all of the tools to create a story using my beautiful daughters. We have all had such a great time, minus the tears, nightmares, and screaming getting through these past five weeks. You warned all of us, and you were entirely right on how hard this would be but would also be an incredibly rewarding experience. So, I feel like I did an excellent job on this final project, my kids in the hot sun was my worst part about it, and one fell and cut her hand. The one thing I would have changed would be I would have spent more time on Zoom with Dr. Polack to understand what was expected at the beginning of the class and always watch the weekly video’s first. I enjoyed the course so much and am walking away with so much more knowledge about digital storytelling than I ever thought possible. I enjoyed this project the most, as all of it was a project, but making videos and learning to make videos of my kids was the best part. It’s amazing what a $40 video program can do. Unfortunately, I did not have success with After Effects, maybe I will try again at a different time. Thank you for such a great learning experience.

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