Reflection of the material viewed and read, Week 1

I was given a better understanding of how to begin to take photos and the best practices to use. As I walked around with my children, I took the advice to get picker of what I captured, make sure I change my perspective, create depth, and try and pay attention to the moment while taking photographs. I read about Florence Owens and her journey to capture the great depression, and she was very successful in doing so. She took a picture of a woman with her children called the “Migrant Woman,” which became a very famous photograph that represented what life was like for mothers during this challenging time. The YouTube video gave great information on visual literacy and how to read images. Visual literacy is essential in understanding to make sense of everything that we see and what was intended and helps you to communicate visually. The video showed the importance of having the ability to read images visually. This week was fascinating and enjoyable learning about creating photos and the importance of being able to read those images correctly because 90% of what we take in is visual. We need to all be more visually literate and take your time, and learn to look.

Here is the photo that I feel is the best representation on my work. I got onto the ground like a small bug and took a picture of a tiny strawberry in my garden by changing my perspective. I then took the photo and uploaded it Flickr and embedded it into my post.


I used the technique to change my perspective

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