Sound Effects… Nightly Chores… 3.5 STARS

This was my first attempt with Audacity, and it was very frustrating. After many YouTube videos, I figured it out. I chose this array of sounds because this is part of my daily routine every evening once the kids have gone to bed.

This assignment was created with Audacity, it was not easy and I hope I can get the hang of it. I downloaded my sounds from and then I chose my first sound to use when I opened Audacity.

From there I unclicked the icon that looks like an I and found where I wanted the first part of my audio to stop. I then proceeded to highlight the area wanted to delete and hit the delete key.

I then took my second, third, fourth, and fifth sound and highlighted and copied and pasted into the same audio clip for the first audio clip.

I then overlapped them by deleting the space between them and then by importing the audio file to my computer.

I then pulled up SoundCloud and chose the option to upload and dragged and dropped my file into SoundCloud.

There were options to add pictures to your file once imported to Soundcloud. I then took a picture of a plate and added it to the file.

I then copied the link SoundCloud provided and embedded it into my blog.

This was a learning experience.

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