Valentine.. You SUCK Less.. 4 STARS

I chose this assignment because I thought it was funny and wanted to create something to make someone laugh. As you can see, the puppy is sucking on that straw, letting you how you don’t SUCK. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!

To create this Valentine’s Day card I used Canva at I found the picture of the puppy by searching for animals sucking on straws.

I then saved the picture to paint and uploaded it to Canva. I was then able to choose the background found under backgrounds on Canva.

I then added the picture of the puppy and then added the text by creating text boxes on the picture. I chose red for the font, of course, it’s Valentine’s Day.

I then added the stickers in Canva. I downloaded the picture to my computer and uploaded it to Flickr. I then embedded it into my blog.

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