What a song might mean to you… Let’s Get Hitched. 3.5 STARS

I chose this assignment because it reminds me of being young and in love when I got married. We were young and in love and had no idea what we were doing. It was such a wonderful time of having no other worries than being in love and looking forward to the future. This is the song that I danced with my husband to at our wedding. It was the start of a new life and a journey that we are still on and continue to be on after 14 years.


To create this assignment I used YouTube and looked up the song by Nora Jones called Come Away With Me.

I then chose the song by copying the the URL and embedding it into my blog.

Then I proceeded to Audicity to record my portion of what this song means to me.

I went into audacity and connected my headphones to my laptop; the echo is so bad that I can not wear them, but I talk into the microphone. Once I have that setup, I hit the record button, which is the red button on the right of the screen on audacity to record my audio portion on the assignment.

I recorded my audio and chose under file to import the file as a WAV to my computer.

I then pulled up SoundCloud and uploaded my file to Soundcloud.

Here I copied the link highlighted in blue and embedded it into my blog

This is how I created the assignment.

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