Tutorial: Good vs. Evil short movie

I used Canva to create this assignment of the unicorn that is good but also evil. I first found a picture of a castle with a bridge and uploaded it to Canva. I then dragged the photo of the good uncorn to the picture and chose to remove background.

Background remover…

I then added a text box by clicking the T for Text and choosing the Text box and added my text of Good.

I then chose to animate my picture by choosing animate and picking which animation I liked the best which was tumble.

I then moved to the next picture of the evil unicorn and followed the same steps as above.

I used the same background in this step and added the test by choosing the T icon and add heading. I also chose to animate this and chose tumble for this one also.

With the last slide of the short movie I chose to use the same background, animate and add text.

End Movie Poster Tutorial: Evil clown and Unicorn behind bars

I used Cavna to create this poster. I first uploaded my photos to Canva and then chose the picture of the clown. Then I set the clown as the background.

I then took the second picture of Elle and grabbed and dropped it on top of the clown picture and chose background remover and then placed Elle on the picture with the clown.

Here I added the text to the page by choosing add heading and added the font and changed the color red to see the font through the picture.

Final Product:

I then uploaded the picture to flicker and uploaded it into my blog.


I did this on to see if I could make them fly and they were excited that I could do it. So here is a moving Movie Poster. They had a great time laying on a hot deck while I took photos of them, and believe me this was a process. We had a great time doing this though.

In this part of the story, Rose has saved her sister and they are flying past the sunset, happy that they are back together again.

I created this GIF/ Movie Poster with Canva. I first took the pictures of the kids on the deck laying down with arms out. I dragged and dropped the photos on the poster and used the background remover on the top left to remove the background on the photos.

Then I dragged and dropped the girls where I wanted them on the poster.

Now to add the background. I had taken a lot of photos for the photo blitz so I used one that I already had, I dragged and dropped the photo on the poster. Then chose to add as background.

Then I chose to animate them by choosing animate, you have many options to chose from, I chose pan.

Now add your text… By choosing the box labeled T to the center-left side. Add a heading- I added 3. You have the option to chose your font and color on the top middle of the webpage.

Final product:

Choose the arrow near the top right corner to download your file, and download it as a GIF and save it to your computer, and then embed it into your blog.

Design Blitz… Analysis of Designs

The design blitz was an enjoyable experience, and I used my children as subjects and the place that I grew up. When I look at the little hands that will never be that small again, I am reminded that the fingers and hands that are shaped in a heart also represent the love I have for my child. The remaining pictures are of where I grew up in King George, VA. This is a place that I still call home and, as a child, enjoyed watching the sunsets, swimming in the pool, and looking for sharks teeth on the water’s edge during the summer. I chose these pictures to take of these people and places because this little girl and this home I lived in 20 years ago has made me who I am now. I enjoyed the time I spent in solitude and for a few minutes with my Dad while I took my photos. I enjoyed the experience of this assignment.


This picture gives a sense of unity. My daughter is the subject of this picture. The unity concept shows that these two parts of her hands are creating a heart together to create a whole. Capturing this picture makes me realize her hands will never be this little ever again.

Design Blitz


This photograph is my favorite. I spent a good thirty minutes with my father whom I haven’t had contact with for over three months since the virus hit. This photo represents balance and also color. The sun setting on the Potomac River in King George creates a line center in front of the camera creating balance it also creates an array of beautiful colors. I enjoyed taking this photo the most and the time I spent in peace just sitting with my Dad was something that I will always cherish.

Design Blitz


This photo represents color and metaphors. This shell is beautiful and colorful on the inside and not so pretty on the outside. So when it comes to everything always take the time to look a little closer, you may find something you were not expecting. The colors are also beautiful and warm, which the beach represents a warm and peaceful place.

Design Blitz


This photograph represents the rule of thirds of proportion and dominance. The river represents the bottom third while the tree dominates the picture on the left.

IMG_1076 (5)

Contradiction Creation…. This isn’t FUN.. 2.5 STARS

Here are my little loves. I chose this assignment because it looked like fun and who doesn’t love to include their cute kids at the same time. Here they are having a blast bouncing in their bouncy house. I enjoyed the contradiction of this photo because this is one of their favorite things to do.

Bouncy Kids

I created this photo using my new subscription to Canva premium found at canva.com.

I uploaded my photo to Canva and chose the option of poster.

I then used the option to have the picture be used as my background under edit you can find this option.

I then chose the Text icon and chose add header and moved the text box on the photo to center the text.

I then chose my font and color and added my text.

I then saved my picture to my hard drive, uploaded it to Flickr and then embedded it into my blog post.

You Sassy Animal…Want to Go Outside?? GIF

Here is my dog Kaya she is a part ninja and part dog. She can open any door and runs the opposite way when called. I chose her for this because she is my puppy and even though she drives me nuts she is sassy and a lot of fun!

In this assignment, I used Imgflip.com to create this GIF. I took 5 photos of Kaya as I asked her if she wanted to go outside and captured her head movements.

I then chose the option to upload to imgflip and placed the photos.

Once uploaded I selected the finished button and saved my GIF to my hard drive.

I then embedded the GIF into my blog post.

Are we there yet? It’s winter here but is it really?…. 3 STARS

Here are my daughter and her best friend. They are toy soldiers from a Christmas play on a tropical beach, soaking up the sun. After the past few months that everyone has had who wouldn’t want a vacation on a tropical island to escape the mess. So here they are together, safe and having a great time together having the adventure that we all wish we could be on,

Tropical final

This assignment I used Canva at canva.com to create this picture.

The first thing that I did to create this photo was to find a picture of a beach.

After I found the picture I saved it to paint, then I retrieved the picture of the girls and uploaded it into Canva.

In Canva I chose to set the background on a poster to the beach scene, then I dragged the photo of the girls that also included an enormous Christmas tree to the photo. Canva made this so easy, I chose the remove background function on Canva and it took away the tree and all of the background.

Now with just the girls left I placed them in the picture by dragging and dropping them in.

I then decided to change the color scheme in the picture and played with different themes until I found the one I liked.

I then saved the picture and uploaded it to Flickr and then embedded it into my blog.

TXT GIF… Contradictions… To Succeed or Fail

I chose this assignment to see if I could actually create it and do it well. This was my first attempt in doing a GIF and as you can see I succeeded!


I used giphy at giphy.com to create this GIF. I first used Canva to produce the posters and save to my computer, then uploaded the photos to GIPHY and sped up the speed. I did it!!

T-Shirts.. Busy Mom..2.5 STARS

I chose this assignment because I thought it would be interesting creating a shirt for myself. I have been nothing but busy all summer taking 15 credit hours and doing an internship, and being a mom of 2 little girls, so busy is an understatement. This was a fun assignment, and I enjoyed it.

T Shirt

To create this assignment I used Custom Ink at customink.com to create my T-Shirt. It was very easy to understand and the system gave step by step instructions.

First I chose the color for the shirt, next I clicked the option for the font that I wanted to use, along with the color of the font.

There are options given to add hearts or other designs.

I then emailed the t-shirt design to myself and uploaded it to Flickr, I then embedded it into my blog.

Valentine.. You SUCK Less.. 4 STARS

I chose this assignment because I thought it was funny and wanted to create something to make someone laugh. As you can see, the puppy is sucking on that straw, letting you how you don’t SUCK. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!

To create this Valentine’s Day card I used Canva at canva.com. I found the picture of the puppy by searching for animals sucking on straws.

I then saved the picture to paint and uploaded it to Canva. I was then able to choose the background found under backgrounds on Canva.

I then added the picture of the puppy and then added the text by creating text boxes on the picture. I chose red for the font, of course, it’s Valentine’s Day.

I then added the stickers in Canva. I downloaded the picture to my computer and uploaded it to Flickr. I then embedded it into my blog.