Tutorial: Lavender Running

Here I used Movavi to create this short movie of Elle running as she learned her new superpower. First, we went outside and did some video with my phone and she was a little trooper it was HOT. This program is AWESOME and so easy to use.

First I uploaded the videos to the application and then added my title cards.

By chosing the T option you get many differnet types of title cards you can choose from. Click the titile box once you have moved your card into place and begin typing.

As you can see here…

Then start clipping your videos, once you choose one video they all drop in line in the order they were downloaded. You will need to move them around in the order you want them to appear.

Once you have your clips in order, then start to add your fades to create a good transition between the scenes. I chose to fade to black and ripple in my video.

Then I sped her up, you click on the clip and can drag the speed from left to right, I went right to make her appear to run faster and I did this on all clips where she was running.

Then I added audio, GOD HELP ME Audacity. I recorded the Eye of The Tiger from Soundcloud into the Audacity program and saved it to my computer and uploaded it into Movavi.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-99-1024x549.png

Uploaded to Movavi and dragged and dropped it into my audio block as you can see as greenish in the screenshot.

I then added my end credits by adding cards.

I then reviewed my movie and imported it to my computer. I then uploaded it to YouTube and embedded it into my blog.

Tutorial: Good vs. Evil short movie

I used Canva to create this assignment of the unicorn that is good but also evil. I first found a picture of a castle with a bridge and uploaded it to Canva. I then dragged the photo of the good uncorn to the picture and chose to remove background.

Background remover…

I then added a text box by clicking the T for Text and choosing the Text box and added my text of Good.

I then chose to animate my picture by choosing animate and picking which animation I liked the best which was tumble.

I then moved to the next picture of the evil unicorn and followed the same steps as above.

I used the same background in this step and added the test by choosing the T icon and add heading. I also chose to animate this and chose tumble for this one also.

With the last slide of the short movie I chose to use the same background, animate and add text.

Tutorial: The Making of Lavender Row Movie Trailer

This was fun and A LOT of work! I used Movavi and a credit card when I wanted to export it. Oh well, I can make movies for a year now. to make my trailer, First, make sure to make your videos, then chose to add media files and upload your files to the program.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-51-1024x564.png

Once you have completed your cards, add your video clips in the order that you want them to appear by dragging and dropping them into place. You can also edit your clips by dragging the boxes back and forth to shorten the clip.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-59-1024x572.png

Then before you start to add your title cards, there are many different choices, Choose the T box for Text and the cards will pop up, you can go through the number of different options on how you want your cards to appear, as you see in the screenshot. I played with different cards and chose the ones that I felt looked the best. I then chose the card and dropped and dragged it into place, Then I added the text to the card.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-52-1024x576.png

I also did this with the cards at the end of the trailer for the credits.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-57-1024x575.png

Now you need to add fades in between your scenes. I used fade black, here I clicked the option and dragged and dropped it into place in between the scenes. Here you can see the fades as little black boxes in between the scenes.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-73-1024x517.png

Now for Audio- if your video has audio- then you need to delete it if you want music instead.

Chose your sound block and hit the delete key on your keyboard this will delete the audio in the scene.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-60-1024x562.png

Chose the file box on the left- it’s lit up blue and chose music- here it will give you options to chose a track- you just drop and drag the sound into the audio line you previously created.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-62-1024x543.png

Add audio track..

Chose the file box on the left- it’s lit up blue and chose music- here it will give you options to chose a track- you just drop and drag the sound into the audio line you previously created.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-63-1024x573.png

I chose Action Movie and dragged and dropped it into the audio block.

REVIEW your video to make sure the blocks are all in the right place.

Now SAVE your video, here you need to export it to save it.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-64-1024x565.png

Once your video is saved upload it to YouTube but REVIEW it again before you do, then once complete embed it into your blog.

LAVENDER ROW… A Story…Rose a Superhero saving her sister but her sister Princess Lavender decides she needs to save herself.


A story of the bond of sisters; nothing will stop them from taking care of one another, no matter what. This is a story of a big sister saving her little sister Lavender from the hands of an evil clown and his vicious unicorn. Lavender has always been by her big sister’s side, as Lavender is a princess, and her sister Rose has been given superpowers to fight evil. Lavender was on her castle grounds when she found a sweet unicorn while on a walk that she took in and cared for, but what she didn’t know was the unicorn was evil and the accomplice of the kingdoms evil clown that lives in the forest. The unicorn coaxes Lavender into her cage and locks the door, and the evil clown appears and kidnaps Lavender from the castle, but what he doesn’t know is that her sister is a powerful superhero and will not stop until she has her sister safe at home. Rose searches for her sister and finds her, but will she be able to rescue Lavender and bring down the clown and unicorn and put them behind bars where they belong?

A song of what a sister means and how one will go to no end to be there for one another.

Rose has saved her sister and all is good in the world, but is it?

Lavender’s sweet and not so sweet unicorn. Can she escape it?

Lavender starts to contemplate that she needs to start to make some changes in her life and has decided that becoming something other than just a princess is in order, her sister has superpowers, why not her? She wants to be a professional runner to outrun the bad guys and protect herself from evil.

Professional Runner_ (1)

Lavender has figured out she does have a superpower for running and uses it to her fullest ability. She discovers that she isn’t powerless but can protect herself with her newfound ability to fight and outrun the villains in the woods.

Lavender has used her abilities to trick her captors and they are now where they should be, behind bars. Now Lavender can use her running ability to do much more than just be a princess.

Lavender has them where they belong!


I chose this assignment because I got to have a fun time with my kids. They had such a fun time in their new costumes. Here are two young girls on the fight of their lives to stop the dangerous fire-spitting llama, Rainbow. They will stop at nothing to save the world from driving the bat Minnie mobile in circles to shooting beams of powerful light at the dangerous llama. These girls are on a mission, and they will do anything to rid the world of the danger of this horrible villain.


I used windows movie editor to create that trailer. I first started by taking videos of the girls and also pictures. I then opened the video editor and began adding the clips and pictures to the project. I used the Add tab that is marked with a + in the left-hand top corner.

I then created my Title pages by using the Add title card option in the center of the screen, I then chose the type of page set up that I wanted and begin adding my title pages, including the featuring page and name of the movie page. This is by choosing which blue box you would like to add text to. Add your text and move on to the next title page until you are done with your introduction to the trailer.

I then began to drop and drag my videos and pictures into the sequence that I wanted them to appear in the trailer.

Here you can see where I trimmed the video. In odder to do this you chose Trim in the top left and movie the blue bars to the place you want the video to either stop or start, You just use your mouse cursor to do this.

Here you can see that I chose the tab in the middle of the top of the page for 3D effects as I placed sparkles behind the car as the girls drove by and with the Llama’s fire mouth.

I created that effect here also.

And here also..

I then finished the video by adding my background music by choosing background music and picking the sound that I liked best. Top right corner.

Here I chose the music.

I then finished the trailer by adding the final title cards to create the credits and production name.

I then exported the video to my computer to upload to YouTube. I dragged and dropped my video into YouTube, then I embedded it into my blog.

Finished Product:

Mom Life 60 Seconds… 4 STARS

I chose this assignment to capture parts of my normal day with my girls. This has been a summer of reflection and sitting back and watching my girls this summer has been my top priority. I have been very busy trying to do it all and I look forward to the 31st when I can take a much need break. So here is the story of my day. I hope you like it.


I used windows video editor to create this movie. I first made several videos of my kids, dog, morning routine, and drive. I then chose the add button shown in the left-hand right corner by the + sign to upload my videos into the system. The system creates blocks as you can see them in blue, this program was very easy to use. You choose the video that you want and drag and drop it into one of the blue blocks.

The next step was to create the title pages and the pages with the names in the blocks, here you choose, which is visible in the previous screen shot , add title card and place that block where you want it to appear in the movie. Once that has been placed, choose to add text to the block, here you can choose an animated test style, I choose JOY and typed int the text block what I wanted to appear in the movie.

Here you can see that I have added my video clips to the blocks by dragging and dropping them to create my movie.

At the end of the movie I created the credits page, I used the process that I used at the beginning, I chose to add title card at the bottom of the screen to the left and added the block, I then chose JOY again and added the credits and final page to the movie.

This step I saved my work, the right top of the screen there is a tab that say save my work. I chose that tab and chose to then export my video to my laptop.

Once uploaded to my laptop I needed to upload my movie to YouTube, here I dragged and dropped my file into YouTube.

I then saved my video in YouTube, and uploaded the video to my blog.

I Know Everything Spubble…2 STARS

This assignment was a joy! I love involving my kids in my work. This is a girl on a mission and no one will stand in her way. She is on her way to work and expects everyone do do their job. She is bossy and knows how to throw a temper tantrum when things do not go as planned. So watch out world she is coming to get you.

I know everything

For this post I used paint to create the spubble, the two websites that were provided no longer worked.

This is my daughter right before I was going to take her to school. She was showing her normal attitude while we wait for my oldest to be picked up on the bus. I used this picture because it shows Elle’s attitude and personality so well. She is a spitfire and I love this photo of her.

I moved the picture to paint and edited the picture with the spubble. I chose the icon that looked like a spubble and added text into the spubble.

I the saved the photo in paint. I then uploaded the picture to Flickr.

I then copied and pasted the photo from Flickr and embedded into my post.

Work Am GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Here is a GIF of a little girl throwing a tantrum. She is very unhappy with the people around her.

Here I copied the GIF by using CTRL C and then CTRL V and embedded the GIF into the post.