Weekly Summary, Week 4 Learning to Make a Movie… Let’s Have Some Fun!

How well do you feel you completed this weeks assignments?

I feel that I did a great job on this week’s assignments with video and understanding how to read a movie, and I had a lot of fun using my children as props to create my video assignments this week. I have a good handle on the windows video editor and feel that I did a great job in capturing the stories that I told this week.

What gave you trouble?

I would really like to learn a new program to make videos. I have all of the adobe products on my laptop and will be hopefully getting a tutoring session to figure out how to use the software next week for my final project.

What did you enjoy the most?

I enjoyed watching my girls have a blast creating these videos. They enjoy being part of my schooling since it has taken me away from them these past few months, They were so happy and getting along throughout the entire process.

What did you learn?

I learned how to create a movie; I also learned how to read a film. The techniques that Ebert gave have made me look at shows and films differently now and how changes in camera angles can create different visual effects for the viewer.

What would you do differently?

I would have made my appointment with a tutor sooner to learn about the adobe products. I really want to make a great video for the final project and hope I can learn Adobe After Effects early this week to complete my final project.

The questions that I have are to just understand the program After Effects and I plan on having a tutor explain it to me on Monday. I have no other questions this week.

What are some issues surrounding your work?

As the semester is wrapping up, I am finally getting a handle on the work and I do not feel as overwhelmed. I plan to get my final project started and hopefully completed by early next week. There were no serious issues this week, just plugging along until the 31st. Hopefully, my husband will be out of quarantine soon, and help with the little’s would be appreciated.

Comments on Classmates Posts

I commented on four of the posts of my classmates. First I commented on Maryanne’s assignment for this week on changing the music over of a clip from Jack Ryan. She did a great job choosing a song that created a feeling of suspense throughout the video as if something was getting ready to happen at any moment. Makenzie did a great job on her movie of feeding her horses, she used the video program to create a seamless story. Mary did a great job of capturing the Battlefield. It was so quiet and peaceful and gave a calming feeling. Lastly, I commented on Josh’s post for his audio assignment. He did a great job of mixing audio files to create one sound that flowed together, and you know how I feel about Audacity.

Weekly Summary#3 …My Journey through Audio and Audacity. GOD HELP ME!!

How well do you feel you completed this week’s assignments?

This week with audio was a struggle. I found myself very frustrated trying to figure our Audacity, This was a huge learning process this week, and my work is a representation of that. I feel that I did an excellent job figuring out the audio software and understanding the techniques used for audio storytelling. My daily creates were fun; the audio assignments that I created were a struggle at first and then became easier. I now have a much better understanding of what is required for each task and how they should be set up and blogged. I feel that I did an excellent job on my work even though I struggled through learning audacity and creating audio, I also found that clearing my mind of the distractions and chaos around me gave me a chance to really listen and enjoy the stories.

What gave me trouble?

Audacity gave me trouble, lots of trouble. I watched several videos on YouTube to understand the application. I think I have it figured out as I was able to splice different sounds and mash them up, along with overlaying sounds to create one complete sound. I had the most difficulty figuring out how to delete audio, but after an hour and figuring out how easy it was to do, I was able to calm down and get my assignments done.

What would you do differently?

I would re-do my first assignment, which was the 90-second audio story. Now that I know how to do it better, that is the one that I would have changed. It was a struggle to create it, but now that I know how to do it, I would like to create a new one and do a better job the next time. I want to keep it as part of my assignment because I feel that it is important because of the time I spent learning to merge different sounds and the tears that it caused while doing so. I don’t have any questions for this week as I spoke to Professor Polack on Friday to answer my questions. Thank you for your time and for helping me understand how to complete the tutorial correctly. I hope I got it right this time.

What are some issues surrounding this weeks work?

This week for me was hard. I had final exams and some family emergencies that came up. So with my husband in quarantine for the next two weeks at a different location and me home with the kids and working this should be interesting. COVID SUCKS and I am so ready for it to go away! Its been a rough week.

Comments on Posts of Classmates

I made comments on 5 of my classmate’s pages. First, there was Maryanne; she did a great job of reversing a song. Something that I was too scared to do and will enjoy reading the tutorial on how to do it. The neat thing about reversing the song, even though it created a new song, you could still hear within the chorus of the song what song it was originally. I enjoyed this assignment that she created. I then commented on Nathan’s spubble. He created what we were all feeling. It looked like a picture of Barney’s mouth opened and screaming. This class was very overwhelming in the beginning, and Nathan captured that completely in his spubble. I also felt that way when trying to learn Audacity. John did a great job on his design blitz. He captured a photo of color that was beautiful by how the shades of the sky were pinks, purples, and blues, with the darkness on the ground as the sun was setting. The picture created a sense of calm, and these days anything that is calming is where I want to be.

Frankie created an audio assignment that detailed the day of a man in quarantine. The man was walking around, dog barking, and a sense of stillness and quiet. These past few months, we have learned to reflect on our lives, and slowing down is something that we all have done during this time. The last assignment that I commented on was from Makenzie. She did an audio assignment of her favorite sounds, from the gallop of a horse to the sounds of the waves hitting the beach. These sounds once again created a sense of peace and calm. I enjoyed looking at the work of my classmates and how they created their assignments. They are all so good with technology, and I need to take another computer science class.

Great Job reversing the song and you can still hear in the chorus what the song is and has also created another song altogether. I was afraid to do this one, Audacity and I do not have a good relationship and I look forward to reviewing your tutorial so I can figure out how to do this. Great Job! http://maryannedsouza.com/

Hi Nathan,
This Spubble is so funny and true. This captures how I felt the first week of DS106 along with the daily nightmares that it also brought on. Great job on creating this one and the face of your character is exactly what I’m sure everyone was and in some assignments is still feeling. Love it! https://nappystorytime.com/

Hi John,
Your design blitz is very interesting. I really like the picture of the color. It makes me feel a sense of peace and calm. The colors are beautiful along with the dark bottom portion of the land and telephone pole. This is a really beautiful picture. I look forward to seeing more of your work. https://daily.jpforestiii.com/

I enjoyed your audio assignment. I am interested in the program that you used that made the sounds combine so seamlessly. Audacity and I have a love-hate relationship. You did an outstanding job of creating your story with the sounds that you used. I look forward to seeing and hearing more of your work.http://frankienierman.com/


I like your assignment on your favorite sounds. The sounds are all so calming. These days the sounds of nature are what I have been drawn to during this time of staying home. I enjoyed listening and look forward to hearing and seeing more of what you create. http://makmoore.com/

Weekly Summary… Week 2

This week’s assignments were enjoyable and kept me very busy through a very long week. I enjoyed learning about design and the elements of design.

How well do you feel you completed this weeks assignments?

I feel that I did a very good job of completing this week’s assignments, they were challenging but I was up for the challenge. I started the week out early and spacing out the work and completing the actual assignments made the write up easier and the week flowed better for me now that I am in the swing of things.

What gave you trouble? What did you enjoy? What did you learn?

The most trouble that I had was trying to create the GIF. Finding the right program to line up the text was the most difficult part for me, but once I invested in Canva things began to become much easier and I did it!

I learned the principles of design, to take my time and enjoy the moment of silence, and take a step back and look at things a little more closely.

What would you do differently?

I would have taken pictures differently if it were not for the virus. I would have used city streets, but I chose my yard, my parent’s home, which are all places that are special to me. The questions that I have… Do you want a separate blog post for every tutorial or is that going to be another assignment in the next few weeks?

What are some of the larger issues surrounding your work?

This week was hard. I had to send my kids to my parents since I am working and my husband is in AZ on business and will be in quarantine for 2 more weeks starting Tuesday. Wish me luck. The role that COVID has created in the lives of everyone is not fair. SO this week the assignments were a great distraction to the stress at home and I got to spend some quality quiet time with my Dad as I took pictures of a sunset.

Daily Create #2 Week 1

This a picture of my daughter’s plant. The only lonely plant in the house. She has been named by my 7 year old, Ms. Happy Face. Her planter was made in school with googly eyes and the smiley face. Her first plant died so I took some seeds from a green pepper and tried to grow those instead. She was very unhappy when the previous plant died, so here she is brought back to life.

In this daily create I took the only plant that we have in the house and grabbed her from the kitchen window sill.

I then placed her on the kitchen table and got to snapping with my cellphone camera.

I then chose the best photo I could get of her, I opened Twitter on my laptop and added the picture to my tweet. I then took the tweet and embedded it into my daily create.

Daily Create #1 Week 1

Here is a poem to my girls. They are my world and so special to me.

I created this picture by taking a picture I already had from my honeymoon in 2006 in Barbados. The photo was taken at one of their orchid gardens.

I have a hard copy of the photo so I took a picture of that picture with my phone.

I then emailed the picture to myself and retrieved it and put it into paint.

I then tried a number of different colors and fonts in order to see the words through the flowers. I then posted the picture to twitter, with a sweet poem to my girls.

I did this twice. I unfortunately put in the wrong code for the day and went back and corrected my mistake. I kept the other tweet as well that was done incorrectly just in case their was any question to when I submitted the post to Twitter. Previous incorrect create was on 6/25/2020. This has definitely been a learning process for me.

We’re The Real Life Nut House! 3 STARS

Here we are in all our GLORY! The NUT HOUSE. My family consists of two girls, two dogs, my husband, me, and a squirrel named Nutty that only comes to visit occasionally. These are my people, the people that I am responsible for keeping alive. They are what I work so hard for and why I wake up in the morning, These are the people that I spend every waking moment with especially since COVID and I love them, that is why I chose them and the dogs to be in my collage. Nutty the squirrel you will see in another post.

46hfvc (1)

I created this college by using a Brady Bunch template which can be found at imgflip.com.

I then uploaded all my photos to the template trying to fit them to correct size.

I did do a little editing of the photos in paint to make them fit correctly.

Once that was compete I went ahead and saved the collage to my hard drive and then uploaded it to Flickr.

I then took the image and embedded it into my blog. Hope you all enjoy my nutty family!

I Know Everything Spubble…2 STARS

This assignment was a joy! I love involving my kids in my work. This is a girl on a mission and no one will stand in her way. She is on her way to work and expects everyone do do their job. She is bossy and knows how to throw a temper tantrum when things do not go as planned. So watch out world she is coming to get you.

I know everything

For this post I used paint to create the spubble, the two websites that were provided no longer worked.

This is my daughter right before I was going to take her to school. She was showing her normal attitude while we wait for my oldest to be picked up on the bus. I used this picture because it shows Elle’s attitude and personality so well. She is a spitfire and I love this photo of her.

I moved the picture to paint and edited the picture with the spubble. I chose the icon that looked like a spubble and added text into the spubble.

I the saved the photo in paint. I then uploaded the picture to Flickr.

I then copied and pasted the photo from Flickr and embedded into my post.

Work Am GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Here is a GIF of a little girl throwing a tantrum. She is very unhappy with the people around her.

Here I copied the GIF by using CTRL C and then CTRL V and embedded the GIF into the post.