Daily Create Week 3 #3 Rubbish… Why isn’t this in the recycle bin?

I took this picture for my daily create because this box has been sitting in my yard for weeks. My husband is notorious for leaving things around, and never throwing anything away drives me crazy!! Now his box is home to spiders, and I am not going to bite the bullet and break it down. I hate spiders!!!

In this daily create, I had many options. I took a picture of my oldest’s closet, and it was embarrassing, so I chose this picture instead. Her closet is my doing because, before COVID, I was a severe spender. Not so much now, so as you can see, my husband has money left over for the biggest powerwasher he could find.

To create this, I went outside and looked around. This is a massive eyesore for me, and it is not my rubbish.

I took a picture of the box with the camera on my phone and emailed it to myself.

I then cropped out the bike that was close to the box.

I saved the picture to my computer and uploaded it to Twitter and embedded it into my post.

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