Audacity: Mashup Tutorial: Lavender Row Commercial

My love for Audacity is coming to an end, this program hates me. I wanted to create a commercial for my movie trailer so I chose to do a mash-up of Disney songs along with songs that gave a superhero saves the day feel, and the last song about always being there for someone no matter what.


I first added the song to the first track. This I did by hitting the record button on Audacity and then hitting play on the track in SoundCloud. Once complete I hit the stop button to complete the track.

Next, I hit mute on my first track and recorded the second track, by adding a new track by choosing tracks, add a new track.

I proceeded with the same steps from above to add the track, hit record on Audacity, and play on Soundcloud, then stopped when I wanted the track to stop. Then I muted this track also. I did this with all of the remaining tracks and then muted them all.

I have not figured out how to me tracks within the different track lines so I copied and pasted the tracks together by choosing the entire line of track and opening a new window and splicing them all together with CTRL C and the CTRL V.

After the tracks were copied and pasted to one single track I then added fades to create a good transition between songs. I did this by chosing fade in, choose the block you want to work with use your curser to chose and then use the option on the tool bar called effects. Chose fade in and the fade will appear within that block.

Seen here…

The part that I did was try and alter my voice; it didn’t go as well as I had hoped, but it is different and advertises the movie. I went to where this gave me the ability to record my voice and then change it to a lower tone. Its a little creepy, but it worked. I chose this option to create a lower tone in my voice.

I then hit record on Audacity and play on my recording and recorded it into my already created audio block. I then edited it by dragging my mouse and deleting the parts of dead silence, and added a fade in.

Here is my voice clip and fade in.

Final product:

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