Spubble Tutorial: Need to Make a Change


I used 3D Paint to create this spubble.

First chose your picture under browse files.

Once you have your picture chose 2 D shapes and pick the block that looks like a spubble. Now click that spubble and then use your cursor to chose where you want the spubble to be placed.

Now place your spubble. Here to the right you can change color and size of the outline of the spubble.

In this step you add your text, here you can chose your font, color, and size of the text.

Click within the spubble box to create a text box, here you can adjust the size of the box by usuingyour cursor to drag and expand the box to the size of the spubble.

Add your text to the spubble.

Then I uploaded my image to Canva, which I set Elle in a cage as the background and also uploaded a picture of Elle running.

I then chose to remove the background on the photo, and resize her to very small to fit within the spubble.

I made her smaller by clicking on her and dragging the picture to a smaller frame.

Then I chose the text icon to the right to add a text block to the top of the picture.

I then selected her picture again and made it a little smaller and dragged and dropped it into the spubble.

I then hit the down arrow button to download my image and save it to my computer and then uploaded it to flicker to embed it in my blog. After may tries with color and font to be able to see the font clearer.

Final Product:

Professional Runner_ (1)

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