Tutorial: Good vs. Evil short movie

I used Canva to create this assignment of the unicorn that is good but also evil. I first found a picture of a castle with a bridge and uploaded it to Canva. I then dragged the photo of the good uncorn to the picture and chose to remove background.

Background remover…

I then added a text box by clicking the T for Text and choosing the Text box and added my text of Good.

I then chose to animate my picture by choosing animate and picking which animation I liked the best which was tumble.

I then moved to the next picture of the evil unicorn and followed the same steps as above.

I used the same background in this step and added the test by choosing the T icon and add heading. I also chose to animate this and chose tumble for this one also.

With the last slide of the short movie I chose to use the same background, animate and add text.

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