Tutorial: Lavender Running

Here I used Movavi to create this short movie of Elle running as she learned her new superpower. First, we went outside and did some video with my phone and she was a little trooper it was HOT. This program is AWESOME and so easy to use.

First I uploaded the videos to the application and then added my title cards.

By chosing the T option you get many differnet types of title cards you can choose from. Click the titile box once you have moved your card into place and begin typing.

As you can see here…

Then start clipping your videos, once you choose one video they all drop in line in the order they were downloaded. You will need to move them around in the order you want them to appear.

Once you have your clips in order, then start to add your fades to create a good transition between the scenes. I chose to fade to black and ripple in my video.

Then I sped her up, you click on the clip and can drag the speed from left to right, I went right to make her appear to run faster and I did this on all clips where she was running.

Then I added audio, GOD HELP ME Audacity. I recorded the Eye of The Tiger from Soundcloud into the Audacity program and saved it to my computer and uploaded it into Movavi.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-99-1024x549.png

Uploaded to Movavi and dragged and dropped it into my audio block as you can see as greenish in the screenshot.

I then added my end credits by adding cards.

I then reviewed my movie and imported it to my computer. I then uploaded it to YouTube and embedded it into my blog.

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