Weekly Summary, Week 4 Learning to Make a Movie… Let’s Have Some Fun!

How well do you feel you completed this weeks assignments?

I feel that I did a great job on this week’s assignments with video and understanding how to read a movie, and I had a lot of fun using my children as props to create my video assignments this week. I have a good handle on the windows video editor and feel that I did a great job in capturing the stories that I told this week.

What gave you trouble?

I would really like to learn a new program to make videos. I have all of the adobe products on my laptop and will be hopefully getting a tutoring session to figure out how to use the software next week for my final project.

What did you enjoy the most?

I enjoyed watching my girls have a blast creating these videos. They enjoy being part of my schooling since it has taken me away from them these past few months, They were so happy and getting along throughout the entire process.

What did you learn?

I learned how to create a movie; I also learned how to read a film. The techniques that Ebert gave have made me look at shows and films differently now and how changes in camera angles can create different visual effects for the viewer.

What would you do differently?

I would have made my appointment with a tutor sooner to learn about the adobe products. I really want to make a great video for the final project and hope I can learn Adobe After Effects early this week to complete my final project.

The questions that I have are to just understand the program After Effects and I plan on having a tutor explain it to me on Monday. I have no other questions this week.

What are some issues surrounding your work?

As the semester is wrapping up, I am finally getting a handle on the work and I do not feel as overwhelmed. I plan to get my final project started and hopefully completed by early next week. There were no serious issues this week, just plugging along until the 31st. Hopefully, my husband will be out of quarantine soon, and help with the little’s would be appreciated.

Comments on Classmates Posts

I commented on four of the posts of my classmates. First I commented on Maryanne’s assignment for this week on changing the music over of a clip from Jack Ryan. She did a great job choosing a song that created a feeling of suspense throughout the video as if something was getting ready to happen at any moment. Makenzie did a great job on her movie of feeding her horses, she used the video program to create a seamless story. Mary did a great job of capturing the Battlefield. It was so quiet and peaceful and gave a calming feeling. Lastly, I commented on Josh’s post for his audio assignment. He did a great job of mixing audio files to create one sound that flowed together, and you know how I feel about Audacity.

Roger Ebert Analysis

In the article by Roger Ebert, he gives a great representation on how to read a movie and gave great examples on how camera angles give the viewer a different feels based on the visual the camera is providing, by creating a more positive view from right to left than from left to right. His representation helped me understand how to read a movie and the importance of camera angles and how they create the scene within a movie.

The first video that I watched was One Point Perspective by Kubrick found at https://vimeo.com/48425421; in this video, you can see that symmetry is the main focal point throughout the film. As Roger Ebert would have discussed that symmetry  and  lines create “symmetrical compositions that seem at rest.” Within this video, you can see that the center is the most dominant, and the sides are entirely symmetrical within the film. This creates clean lines and makes the film visually appealing. Therefore I feel that Ebert’s analysis of symmetry is correct for this film.

The second video that I watched was called From Below, created by Quinton Tarantino found at https://vimeo.com/3754050.  In this film, you see that the angle of the camera is looking upward at a low angle creating the feeling they are important and have a higher status as if they are Gods, centered in the middle of the screen with a slight upward view of the characters.

I feel that Roger Ebert’s techniques to read a movie were right on, as I looked at American Phsyco as well. His examples and advice on how the angle of the camera creates positive and negative visuals for the viewer was fascinating and helped me understand how to read a movie correctly. https://www.rogerebert.com/roger-ebert/how-to-read-a-movie


I chose this assignment because I got to have a fun time with my kids. They had such a fun time in their new costumes. Here are two young girls on the fight of their lives to stop the dangerous fire-spitting llama, Rainbow. They will stop at nothing to save the world from driving the bat Minnie mobile in circles to shooting beams of powerful light at the dangerous llama. These girls are on a mission, and they will do anything to rid the world of the danger of this horrible villain.


I used windows movie editor to create that trailer. I first started by taking videos of the girls and also pictures. I then opened the video editor and began adding the clips and pictures to the project. I used the Add tab that is marked with a + in the left-hand top corner.

I then created my Title pages by using the Add title card option in the center of the screen, I then chose the type of page set up that I wanted and begin adding my title pages, including the featuring page and name of the movie page. This is by choosing which blue box you would like to add text to. Add your text and move on to the next title page until you are done with your introduction to the trailer.

I then began to drop and drag my videos and pictures into the sequence that I wanted them to appear in the trailer.

Here you can see where I trimmed the video. In odder to do this you chose Trim in the top left and movie the blue bars to the place you want the video to either stop or start, You just use your mouse cursor to do this.

Here you can see that I chose the tab in the middle of the top of the page for 3D effects as I placed sparkles behind the car as the girls drove by and with the Llama’s fire mouth.

I created that effect here also.

And here also..

I then finished the video by adding my background music by choosing background music and picking the sound that I liked best. Top right corner.

Here I chose the music.

I then finished the trailer by adding the final title cards to create the credits and production name.

I then exported the video to my computer to upload to YouTube. I dragged and dropped my video into YouTube, then I embedded it into my blog.

Finished Product:

Mom Life 60 Seconds… 4 STARS

I chose this assignment to capture parts of my normal day with my girls. This has been a summer of reflection and sitting back and watching my girls this summer has been my top priority. I have been very busy trying to do it all and I look forward to the 31st when I can take a much need break. So here is the story of my day. I hope you like it.


I used windows video editor to create this movie. I first made several videos of my kids, dog, morning routine, and drive. I then chose the add button shown in the left-hand right corner by the + sign to upload my videos into the system. The system creates blocks as you can see them in blue, this program was very easy to use. You choose the video that you want and drag and drop it into one of the blue blocks.

The next step was to create the title pages and the pages with the names in the blocks, here you choose, which is visible in the previous screen shot , add title card and place that block where you want it to appear in the movie. Once that has been placed, choose to add text to the block, here you can choose an animated test style, I choose JOY and typed int the text block what I wanted to appear in the movie.

Here you can see that I have added my video clips to the blocks by dragging and dropping them to create my movie.

At the end of the movie I created the credits page, I used the process that I used at the beginning, I chose to add title card at the bottom of the screen to the left and added the block, I then chose JOY again and added the credits and final page to the movie.

This step I saved my work, the right top of the screen there is a tab that say save my work. I chose that tab and chose to then export my video to my laptop.

Once uploaded to my laptop I needed to upload my movie to YouTube, here I dragged and dropped my file into YouTube.

I then saved my video in YouTube, and uploaded the video to my blog.

American Physco… Listen, Watch, and Analyze

American Psycho Camera work:

Movie clip begins straight and camera pointing slightly down at Jared Leto, the camera angles shift from the right of the screen from right to left, and Christian Bale moves right of the screen. As he enters a new room to the right, he is center and puts on his raincoat and takes his medicine and water with his left hand, which is right of the screen for the viewer. As he comes back into the room with Leto, Bale moves through the room from right to left, You can now see that the camera angle is centered on Bale as he stands behind Leto, and Leto is in the foreground of the shot. Still, Bale is the precise visual in this angle of the camera. The camera then moves to Leto center and down and then comes Bale with the Ax as Leto is featured still center and down in this camera angle. The camera then moves to Bale as he takes the raincoat off at the center of the screen, and then Bale moves to the couch center of the screen; the angle then changes to the right side of the screen as Bale sits to smoke a cigar.

Analyze the Audio track:

The scene beings with the click of the CD player, and Bale has a normal tine voice as he is just hanging out with a friend. You can hear him move from room to room, and his voice changes as if he is another person, and he sounds excited and happy. As he prepares himself, you hear the rustle of the raincoat as he snaps it onto his body, then the clang of the pill bottle and cup after the takes a drink. You then hear him move fast through the space as his feet drag across the floor. He stops, and you can listen to the metal of an object( the ax) touch down on the hard floor. Letos voice is now very sluggish as his voice appears that he is intoxicated and asks why the newspaper is on the floor. Bale in his creepy happy, weird voice speaks to Leto; you can hear the click of the CD player and the music is loud while Bale talks and then screams and then you can listen to the ax hitting Leto and fall to the ground after Bale continues to yell and scream during this scene as he is killing Leto and then the music continues, and you hear footsteps, the click of a lighter and the closing of the lighter and the scene ends.

Put it All together:

When watching this clip, I notice the camera angles move from right to left, which Roger Ebert states that it makes a favorable experience for the viewer. He not only moves from right to left throughout the camera angles but also on the screen. The use of having the camera move down and to the right shows that Leto is “sliding perilously int their future,” which is his death based on Ebert. This is how it is viewed when the angle appears to right and down. The room is bright and white, with Bale in is transparent/white raincoat to kill Leto, which he dominates the screen. The sounds throughout the screen create a sense at the beginning that two buddies are just hanging out, and then it changes and becomes uncomfortable. Bales’ voice changes to a completely different person, and he becomes uncomfortably happy and excited. The part of the scene that I did not notice until I listened to it without watching was the click and close of the lighter; I thought that the music covered up this sound since the music was so loud. This clip was a great representation of the ways to read a movie that Roger Ebert discussed in his writing.

Daily Create Week 4 #4 Horse with a Tree GIF

I chose this daily create because I thought I had it together with creating a GIF especially with using Canva. I had a a little difficulty with this one, I don’t know why it wont let you remove the background on a save GIF maybe because its moving.

Here is how I created it:

I downladed my pictures GIF and tree to my laptop and uploaed them to Canva. Drag and drop them onto the poster.

Then grab the tree. Drag and drop, click on effects, choose remove background to the right and place the tree where you want to.

and finished…

Save as a GIF and upload to Twitter.

Daily Create Week 4 #3

This was fun. I can create one of these pretty quickly now. I chose this daily create because I thought it would be fun to create.

This was created by grabbing a GIF from giphy.com, I then used Canva to set his little dancing Alien body as the background, I then found a fish and removed the background and he is trying to cheer up the fish.

Uploaded the GIF from giphy.com to Canva, dragged and dropped into poster.

Set GIF as background by clicking the GIF and the box pops up, choose set as background.

Dragged and dropped my fish photo into the poster.

Then chose effects and chose background remover on the right, which removed the background of the fish picture.

Picture is complete, saved as a GIF to my laptop and uploaded it to Twitter.

Daily Create Week 4 #2 Make Summer Art

I did this daily create because I have enjoyed being at my parents a few days a week to see my kids. I have been busy with school and work and a quarantined husband so they have been at my parents for a few days. I took this picture out by the pool, it was a very hot day and reminded me of summer along with the sweet smell of the flowers in the summertime.

To create this daily create I used my camera to take this picture. I then saved it on my computer and uploaded it to Twitter.

Daily Create Week 4 #1 Create a Hat with a Kid

I did this daily create because my kids are my props. I asked Zoe to help e create a hat and she is definitely a kid and put her clean shoe on her head. My kid is very creative.

This daily create was made by just taking a picture of Zoe with a shoe on her head with my cellphone and emailing it to myself to upload to Twitter.