Bucket List… 2 STARS

Here is my bucket list. I chose this assignment because it was a way to escape the current situation and plan for the future. I have had a few of these on my list for awhile and a few I had to think about. I have always wanted to visit Alaska and see the Northern Lights. I have also always wanted to see the green hillsides of Ireland. That is were my Grandmother was from and I would love to see where my ancestors came from. The other two bucket list items I had to think about. I would love to do a road trip once the kids are a little older. Right now they fight a lot and a car ride with that is far from enjoyable. Lastly, the helicopter. I would love to do this, scared to death but would love to experience it. My first plane ride my boyfriend at the time who is now my husband jumped out of and we had to beat them to the ground. It was a memorable experience and my ears hurt thinking about it. I would love to experience this with him, except the part about him jumping out. So, these are the things that I would love to starch off my list sometime in the future once the world returns to somewhat of a new normal.

pjimage (1)

This post I used a website called Photo Joiner which can be found at photojoiner.net

I went online and found pictures that represent the photos that I would like to do before I die. I copied these photos into the paint application on my computer and saved them to my photo drive.

I then uploaded my photos in to the application to create the collage. I then dropped and dragged the photos in the correct block.

I then added the text by clicking the text icon and creating a text box and adding the text to the pictures.

I then uploaded the collage to Flickr and the embedded the post into my blog.

What’s In My Purse?… 2 STARS

What’s in my purse? Well as you can tell I am a mom. I chose this assignment because it was time to clean out my purse. Currently my purse has been a lot lighter since COVID-19. In my purse I always carry snacks for my little’s. No one like a hungry child especially me. I have my keys as you can see we have Tesla which makes the most ridiculous key on the planet. I carry an enormous wallet that contains a large array of credit cards, store cards, and miscellaneous stuff that I should get rid of. I also have a single lip gloss that my children have not hijacked yet. I carry my glasses for that one moment I can’t see anything, and lastly my trusty face mask.

Whats in my purse

I created this photo with my phone camera after I dumped my purse out and nicely placed the items on my bed. I then emailed the photo to myself and then downloaded it to Flickr and then embedded it into my post.

Love for your pet … 3 STARS

Here are our animals. They are part of our family. I decided to do this assignment to show how adorable our dogs and squirrel are. There is Kaya, the Belgian Malinois, part dog/ ninja, Nala, the pitbull, and Nutty the squirrel.


Here I used a website called PhotoJoiner found at photojoiner.net to create this collage.

Here I uploaded my pictures of my dogs and squirrel to the website.

I then dragged and dropped them into place. The app allowed you to edit and move the photo within the block to center the photo, no editing needed!

Then I moved my collage to Flicker and embedded it into my blog.

Summer Mid Week Summary 1

How well do you feel you completed this week’s assignments?

I feel that I did an excellent job of completing the mid-week assignment. The fair warning was a great representation of the amount of time that needs to be set aside to complete the assignments.

What gave you trouble? What did you enjoy the most? What did you learn?

The part that gave me the most trouble was understanding the different platforms. After a little research, I now understand what goes where and how to post it.  This week I enjoyed to video part the most and having my girls involved. They had a blast screaming at the top of their lungs and found it to be a fun game that we do not usually play in the house. I learned a lot this week. I learned how to set up a web page, how to use Twitter, SoundCloud, and Flickr. I also learned how to create and edit a video.

What would you do differently? What questions do you have?

The one thing that I would do differently is trying and figure out how to set the correct frame in my YouTube video. I searched for ways to do it but was not successful. That would be my one question for this week. How can you set the frame?

What are some of the larger issues surrounding your work? Cultural or societal impacts?

I think the main issues that are surrounding my work are just trying to figure out how to cope with a family, work, and school throughout this very uncertain time. We are all trying to do that, but with small children, it is a huge challenge.

The Process for Mid week..

I set up my domain by first going to the UMW domain site, which took quite a few tries to find a domain name that had not already been taken. I also created a new Gmail account to link my information, to set up YouTube accounts, Flickr, Twitter, and SoundCloud. From there, I followed the directions on what programs to download to my page. I set up my avatar, completed my about page, created my website name, and choose a design for my page, which I may change. For my blog post, I wanted to be creative and include my kids in my introduction. I had them both scream as loud as they could and recorded it, I then had my husband videotape me by myself doing the introduction. After that, I sat down to edit my video through YouTube. For Twitter, I said Hello to the class. For my photo post on Flickr, I chose a tube of toothpaste smeared all over a bathroom sink, here the toothpaste was already something that my little ones had left behind, and I just captured it with my camera. Last, my Soundcloud is a song from Katy Perry called Dark Horse.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=smfmrxFocmA https://www.flickr.com/photos/189042936@N03/50041893552/in/dateposted-public/ https://twitter.com/melissa_umw/status/1275883639440584705 https://soundcloud.com/katyperry/dark-horse-feat-juicy-j

Just another day…

Here I am at 10 pm the kids have finally gone to bed, and the house is quiet. I am a woman that tries to accomplish everything in 24 hours. I am a wife, a stay at home mom of 2 little girls, a full-time student this summer, and also doing an internship, all while we are in a pandemic. What was I thinking? But even with all of this, I know I can do it all and do it all well. I will graduate in December, and hopefully, once this “ mess is over,” as my five year old would say she can go to kindergarten, my seven year old can go to 2nd grade, and I will go back to work. This stay at home mommy thing is harder than you think

You will hear a small portion of what I hear in the first few minutes of the start of my day and Hello as I introduce myself, Enjoy! If you don’t have children, this may keep you from having them in the future.

Here is what I love so much to clean up a mass amount of toothpaste a small human who thinks they have a giant’s month will smear all over everything to brush their tiny, tiny teeth.


I look forward to working with all of you in ds106!

This is a song brings me joy; I learned to pole dance to this song with my best friend a few years ago. Yes, I said pole dance. It was one of the best and funniest times I have ever had and also a great workout.  So, to introduce myself, my name is Melissa, and I’m a hard-working woman that won’t let any obstacle stand in my way, and I can pole dance.