Design Blitz… Analysis of Designs

The design blitz was an enjoyable experience, and I used my children as subjects and the place that I grew up. When I look at the little hands that will never be that small again, I am reminded that the fingers and hands that are shaped in a heart also represent the love I have for my child. The remaining pictures are of where I grew up in King George, VA. This is a place that I still call home and, as a child, enjoyed watching the sunsets, swimming in the pool, and looking for sharks teeth on the water’s edge during the summer. I chose these pictures to take of these people and places because this little girl and this home I lived in 20 years ago has made me who I am now. I enjoyed the time I spent in solitude and for a few minutes with my Dad while I took my photos. I enjoyed the experience of this assignment.


This picture gives a sense of unity. My daughter is the subject of this picture. The unity concept shows that these two parts of her hands are creating a heart together to create a whole. Capturing this picture makes me realize her hands will never be this little ever again.

Design Blitz


This photograph is my favorite. I spent a good thirty minutes with my father whom I haven’t had contact with for over three months since the virus hit. This photo represents balance and also color. The sun setting on the Potomac River in King George creates a line center in front of the camera creating balance it also creates an array of beautiful colors. I enjoyed taking this photo the most and the time I spent in peace just sitting with my Dad was something that I will always cherish.

Design Blitz


This photo represents color and metaphors. This shell is beautiful and colorful on the inside and not so pretty on the outside. So when it comes to everything always take the time to look a little closer, you may find something you were not expecting. The colors are also beautiful and warm, which the beach represents a warm and peaceful place.

Design Blitz


This photograph represents the rule of thirds of proportion and dominance. The river represents the bottom third while the tree dominates the picture on the left.

IMG_1076 (5)