I chose this assignment because I got to have a fun time with my kids. They had such a fun time in their new costumes. Here are two young girls on the fight of their lives to stop the dangerous fire-spitting llama, Rainbow. They will stop at nothing to save the world from driving the bat Minnie mobile in circles to shooting beams of powerful light at the dangerous llama. These girls are on a mission, and they will do anything to rid the world of the danger of this horrible villain.


I used windows movie editor to create that trailer. I first started by taking videos of the girls and also pictures. I then opened the video editor and began adding the clips and pictures to the project. I used the Add tab that is marked with a + in the left-hand top corner.

I then created my Title pages by using the Add title card option in the center of the screen, I then chose the type of page set up that I wanted and begin adding my title pages, including the featuring page and name of the movie page. This is by choosing which blue box you would like to add text to. Add your text and move on to the next title page until you are done with your introduction to the trailer.

I then began to drop and drag my videos and pictures into the sequence that I wanted them to appear in the trailer.

Here you can see where I trimmed the video. In odder to do this you chose Trim in the top left and movie the blue bars to the place you want the video to either stop or start, You just use your mouse cursor to do this.

Here you can see that I chose the tab in the middle of the top of the page for 3D effects as I placed sparkles behind the car as the girls drove by and with the Llama’s fire mouth.

I created that effect here also.

And here also..

I then finished the video by adding my background music by choosing background music and picking the sound that I liked best. Top right corner.

Here I chose the music.

I then finished the trailer by adding the final title cards to create the credits and production name.

I then exported the video to my computer to upload to YouTube. I dragged and dropped my video into YouTube, then I embedded it into my blog.

Finished Product: