Reflection on Vignelli Canon…


Massimo Vignelli was a famous graphic designer who designed numerous iconic signage from the early sixties until the late nineties and most would call a superstar of the design world. He created a design firm with his wife based on his work that concentrated on modernism and simplicity. He did this because his primary focus was geometric shapes, which can be seen throughout his work, with fonts, signage, calendars, maps, and furniture. He also had many other designs that spanned throughout his career for many decades. In his book, he discusses the need to help other young design students with his knowledge and in the hope of assisting them to become a better designer and hone in on their design skills. Vignelli believed that creativity was essential and wanted to be one that supported and helped others to be able to carry out their creativity as best as possible. He created and an array of works throughout his career and was very accomplished with his designs from airliners, subway maps, and many other designs he created.

Vignelli contributed so much to the world of design throughout his life and still provides this after his death. The design and art that he created during his lifetime is something that we still use every day. If it is a particular font on our computer to a sign or map we use to get from point A to pot B; His contributions to the art world were enormous. His need to educate others to make them better designers even makes his legacy more crucial. He has also shown that even though people can have design skills, they do not have an overall style. Uncomplicated works could be regarded as graphic design art, which gives designers or just people the sense that anyone can create art, primarily through simplistic design. He was a genius of his time, who still has effects on millions of people around the world every day. Having the ability to learn about his accomplishments and art of design that still affects us today was an honor.