American Physco… Listen, Watch, and Analyze

American Psycho Camera work:

Movie clip begins straight and camera pointing slightly down at Jared Leto, the camera angles shift from the right of the screen from right to left, and Christian Bale moves right of the screen. As he enters a new room to the right, he is center and puts on his raincoat and takes his medicine and water with his left hand, which is right of the screen for the viewer. As he comes back into the room with Leto, Bale moves through the room from right to left, You can now see that the camera angle is centered on Bale as he stands behind Leto, and Leto is in the foreground of the shot. Still, Bale is the precise visual in this angle of the camera. The camera then moves to Leto center and down and then comes Bale with the Ax as Leto is featured still center and down in this camera angle. The camera then moves to Bale as he takes the raincoat off at the center of the screen, and then Bale moves to the couch center of the screen; the angle then changes to the right side of the screen as Bale sits to smoke a cigar.

Analyze the Audio track:

The scene beings with the click of the CD player, and Bale has a normal tine voice as he is just hanging out with a friend. You can hear him move from room to room, and his voice changes as if he is another person, and he sounds excited and happy. As he prepares himself, you hear the rustle of the raincoat as he snaps it onto his body, then the clang of the pill bottle and cup after the takes a drink. You then hear him move fast through the space as his feet drag across the floor. He stops, and you can listen to the metal of an object( the ax) touch down on the hard floor. Letos voice is now very sluggish as his voice appears that he is intoxicated and asks why the newspaper is on the floor. Bale in his creepy happy, weird voice speaks to Leto; you can hear the click of the CD player and the music is loud while Bale talks and then screams and then you can listen to the ax hitting Leto and fall to the ground after Bale continues to yell and scream during this scene as he is killing Leto and then the music continues, and you hear footsteps, the click of a lighter and the closing of the lighter and the scene ends.

Put it All together:

When watching this clip, I notice the camera angles move from right to left, which Roger Ebert states that it makes a favorable experience for the viewer. He not only moves from right to left throughout the camera angles but also on the screen. The use of having the camera move down and to the right shows that Leto is “sliding perilously int their future,” which is his death based on Ebert. This is how it is viewed when the angle appears to right and down. The room is bright and white, with Bale in is transparent/white raincoat to kill Leto, which he dominates the screen. The sounds throughout the screen create a sense at the beginning that two buddies are just hanging out, and then it changes and becomes uncomfortable. Bales’ voice changes to a completely different person, and he becomes uncomfortably happy and excited. The part of the scene that I did not notice until I listened to it without watching was the click and close of the lighter; I thought that the music covered up this sound since the music was so loud. This clip was a great representation of the ways to read a movie that Roger Ebert discussed in his writing.

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