Audio Story…The Truth…Third Party

I listened to the stories from the Truth, and one stuck out more than the other two. These stories used techniques of layering sounds, creating a sense of place by using voice inflection and sounds by stacking audio and sounds together. The first story, called Thrid Party, which I enjoyed and feel had these elements used erie music while discussing a serial killer creating a feeling of dread and fear throughout the story. You can visualize the group talking about the serial killer with the police. They describe what they will do to protect Mike from the serial killer. Mike, the target of the killer sounds very concerned by the tone and anxiety in his voice. This story uses a lot of music that creates an enormous amount of fear and dread because you know that something is getting ready to happen. They use the same sound throughout the entire story. Mike moves on to an interview directly after speaking to the police and needs to stop the discussion due to the anxiety and fear that he is feeling, you can hear this in his deep breaths and the cracks in his voice. The next part of the audio story tells the story of Mike being home with his wife and decides that getting his gun is the best idea or protection. You can hear the loading of the weapon, cocked, and ready to use. Hid dog suddenly disappears at night and he looks for his dog that has disappeared into the darkness of the night, and you can hear the concern and fear in his voice. His dog is missing and MIke comes to find out the neighbor has found his dog with the mark of the serial killer, which is a button. The next scene has everyone in the office with the workers, and you can envision everyone in an office while Mike gives a short speech about running for office.  While you can hear in the background the cheer and reactions of the employees during the speech.

This story provides a great sense of fear, dread, and anxiety as they build up to catching the killer or if the killer will catch Mike. The overlay of sound and voice create a picture in your mind of precisely what is happening and the reactions of the people within this story.  They use a series of different ways to develop the officers’ voices as they are talking over a police radio to one another while arresting a man they believe to be the killer. Mike believes that the man has been caught, and you can hear in his voice and the tone the relief and sense of calm he now has. Then they find out that they have, in fact, not found him. Mike is home with his wife, and he can hear noises throughout the house with the music now of dread and the concern along with Mike’s voice and breathing that captures that he is very concerned for his life. Then the fight scene happens, and Mike struggles with a man. You hear the loud noise of a gun being fired, and the killer has been shot. With the ambulance’s sounds, you can listen to and visualize the killer is on the way to the hospital.

 In conclusion, this story created a great representation of how the layering of sounds, voice inflection, stacking audio, and moving sounds can create a good story and how music can create suspense. It created an entire visual image in the mind of the listener, and I felt that removing all distractions made the visualization of the story even more lifelike. This was a great representation of how to use audio techniques to have a story come alive in the minds of a listener.

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