Moon Grafitti… A Reflection on Audio Storytelling

This audio story created several real aspects that would or could have happened the day that we first landed on the moon. At the beginning of the story, they begin with sounds and background noises that create a very realistic situation. The loud sounds of explosions and give a sense of imminent danger and fear that the astronauts were lost. The astronauts survived a gave a great description to the listener of what the scene looked like after the crash. They use sounds techniques to create a scary and intense scene as the astronauts are trying to assess the damage of the spaceship. There descriptions of the dust and what it does when they kick it makes us visualize what it could look like along with the sound effects as he kicks the dust. As the astronauts discover that they are going to be unable to return to earth due to t the damage and want to communicate with their wives and kids, the sound effects create a sense of desperation. They know that they will only have two hours of oxygen left, so they take a moment to plant the flag and capture the spirit of the American astronaut with knowing they will be dead soon. The ending creates a feeling of complete fear of death and never seeing their families again. This story uses several audio overlay techniques along with the astronauts talking through their suits, also the tone that they are creating in their voices of concern and fear. I see that in the story that it connects with he talks with Jad Aburmad and co-imagining, you can be given images and sound effects through storytelling that can create a picture of the story within your mind.

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