Storytelling from the Ira Glass and Jad Abumrad… Main Points

In the discussions from Ira Glass and Jad Abumrad, they discuss the importance of telling a story, on radio, or just telling a story without pictures but creating the images by using voice to create images in the mind of the listener. Jad Aburmrad discusses that the human voice is the engine of everything that we do. An essential part of storytelling is to create images for the listeners by the tone and changes in the voice, from lower tones to inflections. 

Ira Glass discusses the importance of two basic building blocks, first is antidotes and what a story is in the purest form. The antidote gives you a series of events, even in the most boring story ever. Still, during the sequence of the events, it can now become more exciting and grab the listener in their imagination, and you can feel that the story has a destination. The second building block that he discusses is the need to have a moment of reflection. This is the moment to tell the listener why you are telling the story. In a good story, you need these two parts to create an interwoven collection of events that show a series of exciting events and create images for the listener to enjoy the story, whether exciting or boring.

 The two presenters show the importance of storytelling and how there are successful ways to bring your story to life. The discussions give a good representation of what it takes to do it right and also how to do it wrong, as failure is the only way to real success in the storytelling. The two discussions brought light into the importance of storytelling and how powerful the human voice is in creating a story for listeners to use their imagination to bring themselves into what the storyteller had created.

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