Ted Talk Radio and ScottLo…

Ted Talk Radio Hour

The TED radio hour clip was fascinating. I didn’t know what to expect but ended up finding a lot of good points and tips from talk about a robot seal. This story from the TED Talk gave a story with structure, flow, and different sounds to understand what is being discussed when discussing a robotic seal.
The video created a sound that was relaxing and was a perfect way to introduce the Ted Talk. The use of sounds during the talk made the story come together, whether by using squeaks from the seal robot or the sadness in the woman’s voice.
Using the different sounds created a good story that I could create images in my mind while I listened.



ScottLo gave a great podcast with some great advice on storytelling, especially some exciting tips and tricks about audio editing.  He released this as a podcast and discussed tips that he had discovered with audio editing and also his passion and obsession with audio.  He gives some great tips on creating assignments on the DS106 site. He used an example of a storm story by Crystal, which was a great representation on the story that she was trying to tell, he made a point to make sure that you listen to everything that you have done even on headphones. The listener should not need to adjust the volume when listening to a story, and having consistency is very important in a story of sounds. His tips on editing and creating have given me many ideas for possible assignments to do during this class. I also now know that the first assignment that I created was a learning experience. I would re-do it because I now know I could do better, but it was the assignment that taught me to use audacity. It’s very far from good or perfect, but I learned a lot while making it.

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