Bucket List… 2 STARS

Here is my bucket list. I chose this assignment because it was a way to escape the current situation and plan for the future. I have had a few of these on my list for awhile and a few I had to think about. I have always wanted to visit Alaska and see the Northern Lights. I have also always wanted to see the green hillsides of Ireland. That is were my Grandmother was from and I would love to see where my ancestors came from. The other two bucket list items I had to think about. I would love to do a road trip once the kids are a little older. Right now they fight a lot and a car ride with that is far from enjoyable. Lastly, the helicopter. I would love to do this, scared to death but would love to experience it. My first plane ride my boyfriend at the time who is now my husband jumped out of and we had to beat them to the ground. It was a memorable experience and my ears hurt thinking about it. I would love to experience this with him, except the part about him jumping out. So, these are the things that I would love to starch off my list sometime in the future once the world returns to somewhat of a new normal.

pjimage (1)

This post I used a website called Photo Joiner which can be found at photojoiner.net

I went online and found pictures that represent the photos that I would like to do before I die. I copied these photos into the paint application on my computer and saved them to my photo drive.

I then uploaded my photos in to the application to create the collage. I then dropped and dragged the photos in the correct block.

I then added the text by clicking the text icon and creating a text box and adding the text to the pictures.

I then uploaded the collage to Flickr and the embedded the post into my blog.

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