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I made comments on 5 of my classmate’s pages. First, there was Maryanne; she did a great job of reversing a song. Something that I was too scared to do and will enjoy reading the tutorial on how to do it. The neat thing about reversing the song, even though it created a new song, you could still hear within the chorus of the song what song it was originally. I enjoyed this assignment that she created. I then commented on Nathan’s spubble. He created what we were all feeling. It looked like a picture of Barney’s mouth opened and screaming. This class was very overwhelming in the beginning, and Nathan captured that completely in his spubble. I also felt that way when trying to learn Audacity. John did a great job on his design blitz. He captured a photo of color that was beautiful by how the shades of the sky were pinks, purples, and blues, with the darkness on the ground as the sun was setting. The picture created a sense of calm, and these days anything that is calming is where I want to be.

Frankie created an audio assignment that detailed the day of a man in quarantine. The man was walking around, dog barking, and a sense of stillness and quiet. These past few months, we have learned to reflect on our lives, and slowing down is something that we all have done during this time. The last assignment that I commented on was from Makenzie. She did an audio assignment of her favorite sounds, from the gallop of a horse to the sounds of the waves hitting the beach. These sounds once again created a sense of peace and calm. I enjoyed looking at the work of my classmates and how they created their assignments. They are all so good with technology, and I need to take another computer science class.

Great Job reversing the song and you can still hear in the chorus what the song is and has also created another song altogether. I was afraid to do this one, Audacity and I do not have a good relationship and I look forward to reviewing your tutorial so I can figure out how to do this. Great Job!

Hi Nathan,
This Spubble is so funny and true. This captures how I felt the first week of DS106 along with the daily nightmares that it also brought on. Great job on creating this one and the face of your character is exactly what I’m sure everyone was and in some assignments is still feeling. Love it!

Hi John,
Your design blitz is very interesting. I really like the picture of the color. It makes me feel a sense of peace and calm. The colors are beautiful along with the dark bottom portion of the land and telephone pole. This is a really beautiful picture. I look forward to seeing more of your work.

I enjoyed your audio assignment. I am interested in the program that you used that made the sounds combine so seamlessly. Audacity and I have a love-hate relationship. You did an outstanding job of creating your story with the sounds that you used. I look forward to seeing and hearing more of your work.


I like your assignment on your favorite sounds. The sounds are all so calming. These days the sounds of nature are what I have been drawn to during this time of staying home. I enjoyed listening and look forward to hearing and seeing more of what you create.

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