Daily Create #1 Week 1

Here is a poem to my girls. They are my world and so special to me.

I created this picture by taking a picture I already had from my honeymoon in 2006 in Barbados. The photo was taken at one of their orchid gardens.

I have a hard copy of the photo so I took a picture of that picture with my phone.

I then emailed the picture to myself and retrieved it and put it into paint.

I then tried a number of different colors and fonts in order to see the words through the flowers. I then posted the picture to twitter, with a sweet poem to my girls.

I did this twice. I unfortunately put in the wrong code for the day and went back and corrected my mistake. I kept the other tweet as well that was done incorrectly just in case their was any question to when I submitted the post to Twitter. Previous incorrect create was on 6/25/2020. This has definitely been a learning process for me.

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