Weekly Summary, Week 4 Learning to Make a Movie… Let’s Have Some Fun!

How well do you feel you completed this weeks assignments?

I feel that I did a great job on this week’s assignments with video and understanding how to read a movie, and I had a lot of fun using my children as props to create my video assignments this week. I have a good handle on the windows video editor and feel that I did a great job in capturing the stories that I told this week.

What gave you trouble?

I would really like to learn a new program to make videos. I have all of the adobe products on my laptop and will be hopefully getting a tutoring session to figure out how to use the software next week for my final project.

What did you enjoy the most?

I enjoyed watching my girls have a blast creating these videos. They enjoy being part of my schooling since it has taken me away from them these past few months, They were so happy and getting along throughout the entire process.

What did you learn?

I learned how to create a movie; I also learned how to read a film. The techniques that Ebert gave have made me look at shows and films differently now and how changes in camera angles can create different visual effects for the viewer.

What would you do differently?

I would have made my appointment with a tutor sooner to learn about the adobe products. I really want to make a great video for the final project and hope I can learn Adobe After Effects early this week to complete my final project.

The questions that I have are to just understand the program After Effects and I plan on having a tutor explain it to me on Monday. I have no other questions this week.

What are some issues surrounding your work?

As the semester is wrapping up, I am finally getting a handle on the work and I do not feel as overwhelmed. I plan to get my final project started and hopefully completed by early next week. There were no serious issues this week, just plugging along until the 31st. Hopefully, my husband will be out of quarantine soon, and help with the little’s would be appreciated.

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