We’re The Real Life Nut House! 3 STARS

Here we are in all our GLORY! The NUT HOUSE. My family consists of two girls, two dogs, my husband, me, and a squirrel named Nutty that only comes to visit occasionally. These are my people, the people that I am responsible for keeping alive. They are what I work so hard for and why I wake up in the morning, These are the people that I spend every waking moment with especially since COVID and I love them, that is why I chose them and the dogs to be in my collage. Nutty the squirrel you will see in another post.

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I created this college by using a Brady Bunch template which can be found at imgflip.com.

I then uploaded all my photos to the template trying to fit them to correct size.

I did do a little editing of the photos in paint to make them fit correctly.

Once that was compete I went ahead and saved the collage to my hard drive and then uploaded it to Flickr.

I then took the image and embedded it into my blog. Hope you all enjoy my nutty family!

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