What’s In My Purse?… 2 STARS

What’s in my purse? Well as you can tell I am a mom. I chose this assignment because it was time to clean out my purse. Currently my purse has been a lot lighter since COVID-19. In my purse I always carry snacks for my little’s. No one like a hungry child especially me. I have my keys as you can see we have Tesla which makes the most ridiculous key on the planet. I carry an enormous wallet that contains a large array of credit cards, store cards, and miscellaneous stuff that I should get rid of. I also have a single lip gloss that my children have not hijacked yet. I carry my glasses for that one moment I can’t see anything, and lastly my trusty face mask.

Whats in my purse

I created this photo with my phone camera after I dumped my purse out and nicely placed the items on my bed. I then emailed the photo to myself and then downloaded it to Flickr and then embedded it into my post.

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